Fairy Garden

My neighbor Karen lured me into her obsession of Fairy Gardens this summer.


Karen's back yard is amazing. I mean it's really an oasis. Mine, not so much it's just a back yard. It all started with buying a new fire pit since ours rusted out and she said, "Don't junk that fire pit! Make it into a fairy garden!"


So I did. And it turned out super cute.


But like a bad drug, I was hooked. I turned my back yard into a mini garden wonderland. Japanese fairy garden, a mini farm, a beach, I freakin' even planted a mini fairy garden golf course.


I have 7 miniature gardens in my back yard now.


So I had to make an edible fairy garden now didn't I? And you know what? It turned out super cute!

These cute fairy cupcake toppers were so easy to make.  To get my easy instructions on how to make them using strawberry Whopper candies and meringue cookies, click here.

All of the yummy details of how to make my Fairy Garden Brownie can be found here.

The cupcakes and brownie turned out so cute! Check out my real fairy garden below and you'll be able to see that I'm obsessed! Enjoy!

My real Fairy Garden...

It all started with this old fire pit - my first fairy garden! 

Bakery Fairy Garden

Backyard Fairy Garden

Japanese Fairy Garden

Farm Fairy Garden

Beach Fairy Garden

Golf Course Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden Campground

Birdbath Fairy Garden

Below is my neighbor Karen's fairy garden, it all started with her broken birdbath - you'll see that her garden is AMAZING!!! 

Fairy Garden e-book

I highly recommend this interactive e-book for kids (and kids at heart) to introduce them to the wonderful world of fairies! Written by an amazing author, Chris Young - you can purchase it here.




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