Here are some fun and easy treats you can make for Easter! Warning - some may be too cute to eat! Don't forget to check out my Easter Bunny Bash for more cute treat ideas for Easter!

Easy Easter salad that's so cute everybunny will love it! So quick to make, get my full instructions here.

These Brownie Chicks, Egg Cups and Bunny Puff all are made from Little Debbie Snack Cakes - for more no bake Easter ideas that are super easy, click here.

Easter Basket Snack CakesSuper easy Easter Basket dessert idea, get my tutorial here.

No-bake brownie chicks! Get my easy directions here.

Marshmallow Puffs from Little Debbie make these so easy to create! Get my tutorial here.

Use Little Debbie Marshmallow Treats to make these cute little Easter cups!  Get my tutorial here.

Little Debbie Butterfly cakes made all cute like - get my easy directions here.

Lofty Little Debbie Kites for spring - click here for directions on how to make these!

Everything is coming up SWEET! Little Debbie Chocolate snack cakes make these easy to create! Click here for my tutorial.

These bunny cookies turned out so cute!  White chocolate Oreos with marshmallows get my full tutorial here.  They are almost too cute to eat!

All aboard the Easter Express!  This Bunny Slipper Train with Carrot and Egg Cars were made from Rice Krispie Treats and an Eggo Waffler.


The bunny has a rice krispie treat head, wrapped in white fondant, with a pink jelly bean nose and eyes made from a black edible marker.  The ears are made from white and pink fondant.  The "slipper" is an Eggo Waffler dipped in white candy melts with a white candy Sixlet for a tail.


The carrot is made from rice krispie treats an wrapped in orange fondant.  I made a hole in the end of the carrot and attached green sour straw candy with orange candy melts.  Using a small cookie cutter, I cut a bunny out of fondant and decorated it with edible markers and attached it with candy melts.


The egg is made from rice krispie treats and wrapped in yellow fondant.  Using candy melts as glue, I attached jumbo flower sprinkles on the egg and pearl candies in the middle of the flower sprinkle.


This cute Easter Bunny Train makes a cute centerpiece for the kids' table!

I found these adorable plastic carrots at Dollar Tree and thought they would be a great favor for my guests for Easter.   Instead of filling them with a lot of candy, I put a marshmallow bunny Peep inside.  It fit perfectly and made it look even cuter!

Peeps all dressed up - an Easter Bonnet made of Necco Wafer and Smarties, and a bow tie made of heart sprinkles.

Easter bunny slippers - The bunny heads are cake pops with pastel candy corn ears and a jelly bean nose.  The slipper is a half of a Keebler Vienna Finger sandwich cookie dipped in white candy coating.  A white sixlet tail completes the yummy little slipper!

Super duper easy treat!  These are the Brach's Bunny Basket Eggs dressed up as little chicks in shortbread tartlet (Kroger's brand) nests.  I just used a wooden skewer to carefully make a hole in the bottom of the tartlet.  Then I dipped the end of the lollipop stick in a little melted white chocolate and put it through the tartlet. Then I did the same steps for the egg.  Decorate the egg with a black edible marker for eyes and a little orange candy for the beak.  Add a little green tinted coconut in the tartlet. Done!

Rice Krispie Treat pops! I frosted store bought treats with melted white chocolate and then rolled them in sprinkles and coconut tinted with green food coloring.  Then I added bunny & carrots made from fondant, a lollipop stick and ribbon.  An easy treat all dressed up for Easter - yum!

Easter Rice Krispie Treat carrots!  Super easy to make - I used the store -bought treats, shaped them into carrots and dipped into orange candy melts.  I added edible grass I found at Target on top.

Thought my Rice Krispie Treat Carrots needed a little more cuteness so I added faces.  You likey?

These cupcakes couldn't be easier to decorate.  Just frost and add candy or marshmallows cut on the diagonal and dipped in colored sprinkles. 

I used store-bought Rice Krispie Treats for these pops .  Just frost with melted white chocolate, add sprinkles, coconut and use a small cookie cutter in bunny and carrot shapes to cut some fondant.  Decorate with an edible marker, add a lollipop stick and ribbon!

Easter Bunny Train! A Bunny Slipper Engine, Carrot Car and Easter Egg Caboose.  Made of Rice Krispie Treats, candy fondant, candy melts, and an Eggo Waffler.

Bunny  Slipper Cookies!

A little "sneak peep" of one of my Easter desserts - Peeps all dressed up and ready for the Easter Parade!  With a Necco wafer and Smarties bonnet and heart sprinkle bow tie!  Check back soon for more treats!

Bunny slipper car made from Rice Krispie Treats and an Eggo Waffler

Bunnies.  White Chocolate covered Oreo bunnies.  Almost too cute to eat. Almost...

White Chocolate dipped Oreos with a large marshmallow cut in half on the diagonal and then dipped in pink sprinkles.  The nose is a mini jelly bean and the eyes are made from a black edible marker.  I attached the ears and nose with melted white chocolate chips. Super easy!

A fun and easy Easter Dessert Table!

Easter Tablescape

The centerpiece was super easy to make.  Simply cover small Styrofoam eggs with sequins using push pins.  Pretty time consuming, but the results are gorgeous!  I wanted pastel eggs so I ordered pastel sequins from Cartwrights.  It was a fun project and half way through I had to wear a thimble, but it was totally worth it.  I hot glued the sequined eggs to a couple of stacked cake plates (just pull them off afterwards, they pop right off easily). 

The napkin fold is called Lotus, and I used yellow glass flowerpot candleholders filled with Easter grass and foil wrapped candy to top off each plate for the finishing touch.  For step-by-step instructions on how to make this fold, click here.

White tablecloths are a staple.  They are rarely on sale for this reason, but if you get them at a place like Jo-Ann’s Fabrics and Crafts with a 40% off coupon, they are more affordable.  These are seasonal only so act fast, they go quickly.  Or simply order your tablecloths online from Tablecloths Factory.  

I love how bright and cheery this table turned out.  It just looked like springtime!