Earth Day

My Earth Day cupcake posts will be scarce this year.  For the record I did not yell at him.  I said "Kurbyyyyy" in a low whisper and he put himself in the corner. 

Earth Day cupcake update...

The only survivor of Kurby's snack attack.  The topper was made from a blue raspberry Airheads candy.  I softened it in the microwave for just a few seconds and rolled it out with a fondant roller.  I used a small heart cutter and decorated it with a green edible marker.

These are it!  The only treats I have for Earth Dy this year.  The heart sugar cookie is simply frosted with store bought cookie icing - super easy!


Here is last year's Earth Day Cake Pop.  I dipped the cake pop in blue candy melts and decorated it with a green edible marker.  I wrapped the stick in green fondant and made green fondant leaves.  The silicone food safe flower pot has a bite size brownie in it and it is covered with chocolate jimmies on top!

Celebrating Earth Day?  Make earth cake pops for the perfect treat!

If you wish, add some candy eyes and a smile with an edible marker.  Happy Earth Day!