Cinco de Mayo for the Chicos

The kiddos will love these sweet and colorful treats for Cinco de Mayo! Don't forget to look at last year's party here for some super cute ideas.

Los gatos all dressed up in their sombreros! Sweet little kitties all ready for a fiesta!  Made of marshmallows, I added a pink confetti nose and candy coated sunflower seeds for the mustache.  I drew in the eyes, mouth and whiskers with a black edible marker.


The sombrero is made from half of a Golden Oreo frosted with yellow icing and colored jimmies.  I added a yellow gumdrop and wrapped it with a little bit of green fruit roll up.  I also used red fruit roll up for their bandanas.


The ears and tail are made from cut marshmallow - and everything is attached with melted white chocolate.

Sweet little siesta mouse all snug in his bed after a fun fiesta.  For a full tutorial of how to make this cutie, click here.

This cute little taco cookie was so easy to make! Simply cut a sugar cookie in half (you can leave the sugar cookie as is for a flour tortilla look, but I decided to spray mine with a little yellow food coloring mist).


Then frost one cookie half with chocolate frosting and stack the other on top.  Frost the top edge of the cookie and add some shredded coconut that you have tinted with green and orange food coloring.


Add candy eyes and a smiley mouth made from a black edible marker.  So fun - the kids will love to help with these - you can even use store bought bakery cookies!

Mexican S'mores Mix!  I combined Cinnamon Teddy Grahams, chocolate chips and Jet-Puffed mini marshmallows.  Packed into these little canning jars, I added a 'stache, sombrero and ribbon - it made for a fun festive favor!

These pinata cookies were super easy to make!  I used Orange Pepperidge Farm Milanos (my FAVORITE) and colored them with edible markers.  You could also paint them with a food safe paintbrush with food coloring.  I then softened some orange and strawberry Starburst candies in the microwave for a few seconds, layered them and shaped them into triangles for ears.  Next I added a nose using yellow candy wafers and an black edible marker.  I attached candy eyes, the nose and ears with melted white candy wafers.


Easy and cute and oh so bueno!!

Sweet siesta favor pillow boxes by Piggy Bank Parties!  I filled them with Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike candies.  Perfect little favors for the chicos for their Fiesta after their Siesta!

Happy Cinco de Mayo Chicos!