Happy "Bee" Day!

I was absolutely HONORED to be asked to be a part of Bird's Party Magazine.  Not only is Bird's Party one of my most favorite blogs, her printables are amazing.  And she is one of the sweetest people ever!  I used Bird's Party Bee Printables for my party, and was so inspired by them because they were so dang cute!

Bird's Party Printables were so adorable, I had my work cut out for me to try to come up with cute snacks worthy of the feature.  I created these bee cookies made from Oreos dipped in white chocolate and topped with a bumble bee lemon drop.


I used a black edible marker to make the stripes on the lemon drop and to dot small white confetti sprinkles for the eyes.  I then added white heart sprinkles for the wings and attached everything with melted white chocolate.

The cute little daisies are pre-made royal icing toppers from Wilton.

These honey hive donuts were super duper easy to make!  I simply sliced one mini donut in half horizontally.  Then I placed on half flat side down and stacked the other flat side down on top.  Then I used one half of a donut hole and placed it on top.  The hive opening is a chocolate candy wafer with a little cut off of the bottom.  The bee is made from a yellow candy button with black edible marker stripes and small confetti wings.  Everything is held together with a little white frosting.

When I saw the Spring Oreos, I thought of bumble bees!  I stacked two of the yellow cream filled Oreos on top of each other and dipped a Mallomar halfway in yellow candy melts.  I attached candy eyes and licorice lace with yellow heart sprinkles for antenne.  I added a smile with an edible black marker.  Everything is held together with yellow candy melts.  So cute! 


** If you have trouble finding Mallomars, my local Safeway carries a similar product - Whippet cookies by Dare.

Cuppies made super cute by Bird's Party Bee Printables!

Super cute favor boxes by Bird's Party.  I filled these with Lemonhead candies.

Favor boxes filled with Honeycomb cereal.

Lollipops with Bird's Party Printables

Jelly "bee"-ns.  Plastic yellow Easter eggs filled with jelly beans and decorated with ribbon, googly eyes and chenille stems.  Super cute craft and fun favor for the kids to take home.

I made this cute bee out of a styrofoam egg.  With the flowers and polka dot fabric from Hobby Lobby, it made for an easy and budget-friendly backdrop!

Happy "Bee" Day! Don't forget to check out Bird's Party Magazine online!