Throw a little Back-to-School party to get your kiddos excited for the upcoming school year!

Here's a cute little Back-to-School snack!  A Rice Krispie Treat topped with white fondant.  I used edible markers to make it look like paper and added alphabet sprinkles.  The apple is a gumdrop with a green jimmie and heart sprinkle and the pencil is a pretzel stick wrapped in a yellow fruit roll up.  Just dip the end of the pencil in a little melted chocolate for the tip and roll a bit of red fruit roll up for the eraser. So what do you say? A+?


Cute little "apples" to snack on!  Pretzels dipped in red candy melts - add a little green apple sour rope for the stem and you get the yummy apple taste too!

Easy peasy Back-to-School snack!  No, it's not alphabet soup, it's pudding!  I just tinted butterscotch pudding (my son's fav) with a little orange food coloring, added some Alphabits cereal, and you have a sweet Alphabet "soup"!

Simply frost cupcakes and dip into red sugar sprinkles.  Add a sour apple rope for a stem and cut a gumdrop for a leaf.  The cupcake toppers are a FREE download below.

These crayons are actually Pepperidge Farm Pirouette cookies, cut in half.  I added a chocolate chip on one end and then wrapped it all with a fruit roll up. I used kitchen shears to cut of the excess and an edible black marker to decorate.

Little apple lollipops decorated with a small sour apple candy rope stem and a green heart sprinkle. 

A great way to get your kids excited for the school year! 

Download FREE Back-to School toppers and tags by clicking on the PDF link below.

Back to School Cupcake Toppers/Tags
Downloadable cupcake toppers and tags for Back to School
Adobe Acrobat document [473.9 KB]


August 2011 - It's that time of year again, and although Seattle barely got a summer, I'm one of those moms who wishes her kids could stay home another month or two...

Hey, it's finally ok to chew on your pencil.  Family Fun inspired me to make these cute snacks - cheese, Bugles chips topped with a raisin cut in half, and a bologna eraser made with a small round cutter.

A is for apple - made of candy fruit slices.

B is for bags - filled with trail mix.

C is for cupcake. Yum. 

"ABC - Easy as 123 - or simple as do re mi- ABC, 123, baby you and me girl." Love this song by the Jackson 5. Used to sing it as a kid eating my soup. Forgive me now that the song is stuck in your head...

Super yummy snacks for super brain power!

Perfect snack on the go or with your soup!

Celery sticks and carrot sticks in cute little pencil holders from Dollar Tree.

A super fun start to a successful year!

Goodies to go!

Here's to a great year!