Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell treats or party supplies like the snack stadium or graduation numbers?


No, I don't sell treats or party supplies.  My website is informational only. You can get some simple instructions on my website under the Parties & Holidays tabs to learn how to make them yourself. I also have free tutorials under the tutorial tab.  My books contain detailed instructions for treats not found in my website also!

Are you a professinal event planner?

Although I have been asked to plan private parties and corporate events, professional event planning usually requires working on weekends and weekends are made for spending time with my family.

I'm having trouble finding an item in one of your photos in the store you mentioned.

Email me at I may still have the packaging where a manufacturer is listed or a website is provided so you are able to order it.

Are all of the party displays yours?

Yep.  All mine.  Just ask my husband. 

Who is your photographer?

That'd be me!

Can I link to you?

Yes!  I'd love that.  Please do!

I have photos of parties I have done myself that I would like to share with you. How do I send them so you can see them?

I LOVE seeing your ideas!  Please post all your photos on Party Pinching's Facebook page.  I'm a Facebook junkie so I will definitely see it.

Can I use your photos on my website?

Email me for permission first.  I take ALL of the pictures on this website myself.  Please don't copy the pictures and pass them off as your own.  That's stealing. Don't do that.